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GUSE - User Interface Building Tools (not Java)

Visual Basic

This section provides links to information on non-Java User Interface Building Tools. Specifically, links to usability issues associated with Delphi, HTML, PowerBuilder and Visual Basic are provided. The first subsection provides information relating to Delphi. The second subsection provides information relating to HTML. The third subsection provides information relating to PowerBuilder. The fourth subsection provides information relating to Visual Basic. In many cases, these pages lead to further resources within those domains.


Yahoo! Computers and Internet Yahoo!
A site with Delphi reviews, top sellers, daily downloads, tips and more. Here you can find links to places providing technical advice about Inprise's Delphi - visual client/server language for Windows. Also ideal to download Delphi freeware.

Delphi Programming Tips Chami.com
Delphi, C++Builder and JBuilder Programming tips. A place for who is looking for VCL Delphi, C++Builder and JBuilder compatible components. It also shows how to add components to forms at run time. It offers an easy way to find out which properties should be set when creating 32bit Windows components at run time. This is a very good Delphi Web resource.

Delphi Hackersí Corner Delphi Hackersí Corner
what's popular on Delphi's application development. One can find here Delphi Client/Server patches, Delphi VCL Source patches, and Delphi Desktop patches. It also contains a list of Delphi newsgroups and interesting demos showing lots of different things that can be done in Delphi such as: splash screens, creation of components in run-time, games, detection of previous instances, extracting icons from files, etc.

Delphi Super Page icm.edu
As the title suggests, this is a site where one can find interesting Delphi resources and links to programming, downloading, and tips. Everything from Delphi 1.0 up to the newly released Delphi 4.0. Lots of shareware and a place where people can find books, get connected to a delphi network of resources, try software, upload and download resources, etc.

Delphi 32 Delphi 32
This is a Delphi Information Connection providing up-to-date information and components for Delphi programmers. This full featured help desk is home of the Association of Delphi Professionals. They just opened up Discussion Forums for people that want to talk about Delphi, got questions to ask to other Forum participants or just have something to share.

Inprise Inprise.com
Formerly known as Borland, Inprise is the company that originally created Delphi. It is also the official home of the Interbase, Visual dBase, Paradox, Midas, InterBuilder and more. Here you can find information on the newly released Inprise's Delphi 4.0 - visual client/server language for Windows .

Delphi 3 Delphi 3.com
This is a true Delphi Yellow Pages where a person can search for any and all Delphi components free of charge.

Internet Technical Group Sandia Corporation
This site is the home of Sandia Corporation's Internet Technical Group (ITG) newsletter. The article selected describes the process of creating web site designs based on user expectations and feedback. Key issues described for effective design are audience definition, requirements and task gathering, and informational organization.

Sevloid Guide to Web Design Sevloid
This site provides tips, tricks, and techniques for page layout, navigation, content, and graphics. Sevloid's approach to usability is geared toward developing web sites which are easy to read, navigate, interact with and remember. The Sevloid Guide to Web Design provides tips on planning, content, page layout, navigation, graphics, checking, and maintenance.

Usability Heuristics for the Web Web Review
Web Review is a site dedicated to web authoring, design, and development issues. This article describes Jakob Nielson's 10 usability heuristics and how to apply those heuristics to web development. Links to other usability related articles within Web review are available from this page.

Usability Engineering for the Web World Wide Web Journal
This article describes usability engineering for the web with emphasis on the web usability engineering life cycle, including understanding the user, iterative design, collecting feedback from field use, heuristics, user control, structure, designing for change, and usability tradeoffs. Effective incorporation of other technologies, such as frames, JavaScript, Java, and animated graphics is described.

Yale University Center for Advanced Instructional Media Yale University
This site provides links to interface design, site design, page design, and web multimedia and animation information. This style guide was developed based on research performed at Yale's C/AIM, which seeks to improve usability aspects of various multimedia products.

U S WEST Conference Proceedings U S WEST Communications
This article summarizes the results of a usability study of several web sites conducted beginning in December 1994. The article reports findings based on page complexity, search mechanisms, navigation and metaphors, overview diagrams, and site in-completeness. There are screen captures of good and bad sites as reported by the study participants. Although the study was conducted in 1994, most usability aspects are still relevant to web design incorporating newer technologies.

Report From a 1994 Web Usability Study useit.com
This article summarizes the results of a usability study of several web sites conducted beginning in December 1994. The article reports findings based on page complexity, search mechanisms, navigation and metaphors, overview diagrams, and site in-completeness. There are screen captures of good and bad sites as reported by the study participants. Although the study was conducted in 1994, most usability aspects are still relevant to web design incorporating newer technologies.

Powerbuilder Home Page Powersoft, Inc.
This is the Powerbuilder Home Page . It provides details of the latest new releases of the Products, Consulting services, Partners, Upcoming conferences, Downloads, Powerbuilder News subscription facility and Online shopping facility.

E. Crane Computing Home Page E. Crane Computing
PowerGen is the best tool available today to automate the building of Powerbuilder applications. PowerGen is the first product to be released by E. Crane Computing, a company founded in 1995 with a mission to advance the tools needed in the configuration management and maintenance stages of development.

RUMBA Tools for Powerbuilder Rumba Tools
Brings EHLLAPI and APPC to the PowerBuilder Environment! RUMBA Tools for PowerBuilder makes developing client/server applications in the PowerBuilder environment easier than ever. Use our EHLLAPI calls to streamline development of custom graphical interfaces for legacy applications on IBM mainframe, AS/400, and DEC VAX computers. Or take advantage of our RUMBA APPC connectivity engine to create new APPC client/server applications in the PowerBuilder environment.

Visual Basic & PowerBuilder Development Tools Multi Soft, Inc.
Multi Soft's Windows Communications Library (WCL) is an Open Client-Server Application Generator which automatically generates, in minutes, complete Visual Basic and PowerBuilder applications linked to 3270 and 5250 legacy data without any coding and is completely emulator independent.

ObjectForce Software: PowerBuilder Development Tools ObjectForce Software, Inc.
Two great PowerBuilder utilities that make hierarchy restructuring, code documentation, searching and replacing, and runtime replication fast and easy!

Shepherd - PowerBuilder code management tools SHEPHERD Software, Inc.
SHEPHERD Products and Features. SHEPHERD is a full featured PowerBuilder code management tool. SHEPHERD helps to better understand and manage the structure of PowerBuilder applications, simultaneously manage the code of multiple PowerBuilder applications written in different versions and analyze the dependencies and relationship between objects.

Powerbuilder Consulting Advent 2000
Advent 2000 provides professional consulting services specializing in the client/server development environment. Advent 2000 provides professional consulting services specializing in the client/server development environment. Our certified, experienced consultants are committed to delivering quality information technology solutions across a wide spectrum of platforms. Our goal is to provide state of the art systems which are easily maintained and updated to meet future requirements.

PowerBuilder Full-Time Job and Contract Consulting Opportunities: InfoTech ITS InfoTech
InfoTech ITSearch is a national personnel recruiting agency for full-time and contract personnel in high technology project oriented opportunities. InfoTech Search is a United States based corporation specializing in the resource development and recruiting of senior level PowerBuilder consultant candidates.

PowerCerv PowerBuilder and Internet Consulting Services and Training PowerCerv
PowerCerv helps organizations deliver adaptable client/server business solutions using object-oriented products and services. PowerCerv delivers integrated ERP Plus application software and services to mid-size manufacturers who seek to manage their growth and maximize the profit potential of each customer relationship.

PowerBuilder Performance Tips and Tricks - Shine Technologies ShineTech
A site devoted to helping GUI and client server developers, in particular PowerBuilder developers. The site contains lots of tips, tricks and design strategies.
Visual Basic

Carl's and Gary's Visual Basic Home Page cgvb.com
Operated on a volunteer basis, Carl's and Gary's VB home page is dedicated to the free exchange of software, ideas, and information. One can check out VB files, look for help with programming problems, check out their excellent Visual Basic Usenet Archive and many more. This home page is considered as the VB help site by many people and is proven by the fact that many people have this site as their links.

Gary Beene Visual Basic World Gary Beene Visual Basic World
Gary Beene created this web site with the purpose of this as the infrastructure in the Visual Basic world. The idea is to acknowledge the existence of just about any resource that can help new or experienced users be more productive. This site has over 260 URL links to VB.

Visual Basic Online Magazine Visual Basic Online Magazine
A free VB online magazine. This is a monthly published magazine covering the latest VB articles and programming techniques, surveys, ...etc. Basically everything a regular magazine would have.

The Visual Basic Resource Index The Visual Basic Resource Index
A resource site for VB information. This site has more than the usual 'Tips and Hints' on VB programming. This site included VB books references, Case Tools, Freeware sites, magazines and newsletter links, training and tutorial sites, plus the regular help information. Also has a unique daily "quotation message" at the entrance for the readers. (You can also press Reload for a new quote).

The Visual Basic Shop aivosto.com
Tools for VB programmers. This page is maintained by Aivosto Oy company. The page divided itself into five major tools sections: Database tools, Source Code analyzers, Other tools, Files, and Articles. Inside each section, one can find more detailed information related to its section topics.

VBNet Visual Basic Developer Resource Centre
The Visual Basic Developer Resource Centre. Another center with many sources to VB information. Headers in the page include: What's News, Code Library, FAQ Library, Developer's Centre, Resource Centre, Related Links, Search, and Site Services.

Visual Basic :- Free Visual Basic Software & Advice Visbasic.com
This site belongs to a group of Visual Basic programmers, mostly working on contract for large companies. Their aim is to provide a useful site about VB and to publish various tools they find useful, along with VB source code.

Visual Basic Explorer: A place for VB newbie vbexplorer.com
A place for the novice VB programmer to learn Visual Basic. Features include links, tutorials, source code, downloads, message boards, book and product reviews, tips and tricks and much more. One of the main tools that they have provided is a large tutorial section. In addition to the many excellent tutorials submitted by fellow programmers.

VB-World vb-world.net
Has book review and 101 hot tips from the general help to advance programming tips. Headers in this site include: General tips, Mouse, Form and Control, Graphics, File and Directory, Database, Multimedia, Internet, API, and All Tips.


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