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The information provided will give you a general idea to detail specifications on using Java. The more advanced user can go to sections Helpful Tools and Applications. The General Information section supplies links to information on the Java language. Creating Interfaces gives helpful hints on creating Java interfaces that are useable by users. Helpful Tools is a list of Java interface tools along with information on the tools. The Applications sections is a list of links pointing to useful Java applets, applications, and information on creating your own Java programs.

General Information


20 Questions about Java CNet

This page presents 20 easy questions and answers about Java and Java script. This 20 questions and answers would help you to understand what all the Java fuss is about and help you to hold your own in conversation about Java.

Improve Human factors Government of Canada

This page explains the reason of using Java script can improve human factors for web pages. So your web pages would be more usable, user friendly, thus help your audience, instead hinder them.

Yahoo Java Links Yahoo

A site on yahoo that is kept uptodate with Java information. This site on yahoo that is kept uptodate with Java Information. Example informations are course offering, new tools, many URL linkages to different organizations or companies with Java information, and many more.

JAVA Articles Microsoft

This site list Java overview articles from Microsoft.

EarthWeb's JARS.COM Java Review Service EarthWeb

This site is an Online Java Review Service for developers. It includes many categories of applets and applications some including references with source code. The listings of Java Resources include current news, information, tutorials, and directories for other Internet technologies including ActiveX, JavaScript, perl, VRML, Java Beans, push technologies, and other Internet and Intranet technologies.

Java Developer's Journal Daily Java Developer's Journal

Java Developer's Journal site is a technical journal for Java programmers, developers and managers. SYS-CON Publications, Inc. publishes this journal; it covers applications development issues related to a variety of Java products. Expected readers are application developers from novice to expert, corporate managers, and decision-makers at various levels as well as industry participants.

Ask the Java Pro Fawcette Technical Publications, Inc

This site is a free service by inquiry.com providing technical tips on Java. Users can request technical advice from a Java expert.

The source for Java Technology Sun

This site includes sub pages for News, Documentation, Products & APIs, Applets, For Developers, Java in the Real World, Business & Licensing, Support & Services, Marketing, Employment, and Java Store.

ILOG JViews: Backed by programming experience (People's view) IDG.Net

This page presents ILOG profile in a QA format. This profile demonstrates why the new JViews Java class library should gain easy acceptance as a component-based 2D GUI repository.

Creating Interfaces


JAVA Interface Builder CERN

Site information: Olivier Martine from AS/DB, European Laboratory for Particle Physics presented his pilot project (PIE project http://wwwas.cern.ch/ASinfo/AS-DB/collab/hpcollab.htm) for testing the new technology and acquire some experience using JAVA.

More related documents are also linked into this page as following:

Web designers paradise desktopPublishing.com

This site provides HTML and web design resources including Java, JavaScript, cgi, forms, frames, counters, html, and design. Also, clipart, desktop publishing, fonts, web authoring, and much more.

Developer.com directories: Gamelan EarthWeb

This site contains an online repository of technical information. New information is added daily. It has many Java categories of interest. Resources related to Java UI is under Programming:User Interface.

Java Foundation Classes Sun

This site explains the Java Foundation Classes (JFC) which extend the original Abstract Windowing Toolkit (AWT) by adding a comprehensive set of graphical user interface (GUI) class libraries. The GUI components and foundation services provide great power and flexibility to developers in creating the look and feel of Java applications. JFC consist of "Swing" GUI components, Pluggable Look and Feel, Java 2D API, Accessibility API, and Drag-and-drop support. This site also includes documentation, downloads, news, and developer support related to JFC.

Helpful Tools


Comparing Java tool kits. Article from the April 1998 issue of JavaWorld

This site contains a compressive list of Java tool kits. An except form the article "It took a while, but at last (with JDK 1.2 already on the horizon) developers have a significant number of options when considering tools for developing JDK 1.1 apps. This month JavaWorld takes an in-depth look at the six best JDK 1.1-savvy visual development tools. The result: An indispensable, exhaustive (12,000-words, with extensive product-specific sections detailing each tool's strengths and weaknesses) guide for determining which integrated development environment best suits your needs. And -- in case you want just the highlights -- we also offer a concise overview in the General overview/summary section. (12,000 words)"

Digital Cats' Java Resource Center -Recourse Collection Java Cats

This site provides over 2,000 resources for Applications, Documents, Collections, Books, and JavaScript's that can be found by using their search capabilities. Resources are provided in both English and Japanese.

Java Toys By Nicole Tranquilli

This site provides a listing of different Java tools. TOOLS Developing tools JBuilder (INPRISE) Cosmo Code (COSMO) BeanMachine(LOTUS) Vibe (VISIX) Jikes (IBM) Debugging tools JWatch (Intermetrics) Jikes Applet Dashboard (IBM) - applet-debugging tool that shows how your applets will work on the user's machine

Tech Tools CMPnet

This site is the new home for ActiveX and Java information on CMPnet, formerly the ActiveXpress site. It features the ActiveX controls database and the latest buzz on development issues, languages, SDKs , and more.

Tools for Java Applications Mandate Software

This site looks at Java programming tools to protect your code, improve usability, and build time-limited demos and to create cross-platform self-extractors for the delivery and installation of software and information to the Java platform.

AssureTM Finds Hidden Bugs in JavaTM Code Assure

This site introduces a new tool -- AssureTM that can be used to find deadlocks, stalls, and data race conditions in Java programs. The Assure instrumented JVM uses dynamic run-time analysis to locate hard-to-find synchronization errors. Assure highlights errors by their source line, and displays the results to you with an easy to use browser. A 15 days free trial is available for down load. Site information: This page introduces a new tool -- AssureTM that can be used to find deadlocks, stalls, and data race conditions in Java programs. The Assure instrumented JVM uses dynamic run-time analysis to locate hard-to-find synchronization errors. Assure highlights errors by their source line, and displays the results to you with an easy to use browser. A 15 days free trial is available for down load.

Java Utilities for Database Interface ScriptSearch

This site provides a list of Java utilities for database interface. The information includes platform, description, price (most of them are free or at a very low price), author, and links to the author's page.



IBM external documentation in using Java for making computers easy to use IBM

This site provides documentation for programmers to help them can create easy to use software. "We (IBM) have developed these resources for use in IBM as part of our work in making computers easier to use, and we think you might like to use them as well. You are free to download these for your own use, if you do, we ask you to give credit to IBM for creating them. This package can help you do this."

Java Boutique Mecklermedia Corporation

This site is a useful resource for programmers that would like to add Java Applets to their own Web sites. It houses more than 100 working Applets, along with instructions for downloading and including them in other Web pages.

IBM: The Ultimate Resource for Java Developers IBM

This is IBM's Java home page. It includes News, Java-based Apps, Developer Tools, Developer Assistance, Education, Community, and Events etc. Many Apps, tools, and documentation can be down loaded for free.

Example Java Codes Dave Central Software Archive

This site provides an extensive list of sample Java interface programs along with descriptions and code to download.



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