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Information visualization is emerging as an important fusion of graphics, scientific visualization, database, and human-computer interaction. Dozens of innovative visualizations for 1-, 2-, 3-, and multi-dimensional data have been proposed, along with creative designs for temporal, hierarchical, and network data. This seminar will examine the design alternatives, algorithms and data structures, plus human factors evaluations of efficacy for a variety of tasks and users.

Students will read current literature and conduct collaborative projects to design, implement, and/or evaluate existing or novel visualizations. This course meets requirements for the PhD in Computer Science.


Ben Shneiderman

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Reading List


Jerome Brown

Tammara Combs

Shaun Gittens

Daniel Heller

Ryan Jones

Michael Reed

Theen-Theen Tan

Egemen Tanin

James Wanken

Zhijun Zhang

Group Projects:

A Tool For Browsing An Image Database

Comparison of Two Client-Server Approaches to Query Previews


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